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Well at least their monorail seems to work and goes downtown. Of course their downtown only consists of the Wedding Chapel but hell. Advertisements

The Plaza Hotel, originally uploaded by *Checco*. So yeah, we already have our own Plaza Hotel (and Casino), but it just ain’t the same. Naftali, an Israeli-born newcomer whose company plans to build a Las Vegas version of its famed New York Plaza Hotel, will be playing in a sandbox already jam-packed with gaudy buildings, […]

MK Lotus In Front of San Francisco City Hall by Inhabitat. I was, unfortunately, unable to attend the West Coast Green Conference in San Fransisco this last weekend. Some bloggers who attended have however written their thoughts on some of the ideas presented. Including the zero-energy prefab installed in front of City Hall(pictured, the smaller […]

Urban sprawl, Las Vegas, Nevada, originally uploaded by cocoi_m. baghdad_suburb01, originally uploaded by Luodanli. Every time I see Baghdad on TV I think of home. The similarities are not intentional but it turns out the standard US sprawl development model mirrors the way Baghdad’s suburbs naturally developed. In Iraq, family members would buy property near […]



The newest Resident Evil flick will be set in post-zombie Las Vegas. From an IGN interview with writer Paul W. S. Anderson: So that’s where the movie takes place, primarily in the deserts of Nevada and around Las Vegas. But of course, it’s a Las Vegas that has kind of fallen now, because what’s happened […]