The Ghost of Maude Frazier


UNLV, originally uploaded by Pantyhose Girl’s.

The Sun posted an interesting article about the fight to save Frazier Hall from demolition.

Razing Frazier Hall will make UNLV a more inviting place, giving passersby a view of lush, tree-shaded lawns now hidden behind the building. Maude Frazier, the pioneer educator who pressured state officials a half -century ago to build a university in Southern Nevada, will be honored elsewhere at UNLV.

But the classic Vegas blow-it-up-when-it-ages mentality doesn’t sit well with everyone.

“I am concerned about just tearing everything down and imploding a feature of Las Vegas, which we do constantly up and down the Strip,” said Nevada System of Higher Education Regent Steve Sisolak, who earned a master’s degree from UNLV in 1978. “I don’t know if we want to take that to the university.”

I didn’t know Maude, but I know that I would not be fighting to protect an old outdated building that is of little use aside from nostalgia. This may be a case of historic vs. historical. Frazier Hall may be historic but its not historically important as a building. There is nothing special about its architecture that warrants attempts to save it.

I would much rather prefer a nice little park with a statue and some benches, maybe an arched entrance if I were Maude.

Progress or History? [Las Vegas Sun]



3 Responses to “The Ghost of Maude Frazier”

  1. 1 Melissa

    You are so right! A “park and a little statue” are so much more useful than a beautiful building fcrom the mid-century era.. you.are.a.genius!

  2. Actually, this building was a fine example of mid-century modern architecture as applied to an institutional building. Since the time of its completion, a large number of the mid-mid features have been eliminated or hidden by poor remodeling and excessive landscaping.

    A well imagined and executed plan could save this building or an identifying portion for use as a key gateway to the campus. Utilizing it as a museum highlighting the histofy of UNLV could be a great way to build some sorely-needed sense of community on campus.

  3. 3 Evan Williams

    Maude is my great-aunt. Truly.

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