The World of Tomorrow!


GM’s car-dependant vision of 1960 at the 1939 World’s Fair. Much of this actually occurred thanks to GM’s massive influence after WWII. The ideas presented here, although somewhat whimsical, were a revolutionary change from standard transportation planning of the time. Las Vegas embodies much of the vision presented in these videos.

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Of course by 1958, there was even more ambitious vision…

An excerpt from the 1958 “Disneyland” TV Show episode entitled “Magic Highway USA”. In this last part of the show, an exploration into possible future Transportation technologies is made. It’s hard to believe how little we’ve accomplished on this front since 1958, and how limited the scope for imagining such future technologies has become. Witness an artifact from a time where the future was greeted with optimism. Note the striking animation style here, achieved with fairly limited animation and spectacular layouts.

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  1. 1 Dan

    There’s no contact information, so the only way to reach you is by leaving a comment on your blog. Sorry.

    Cyburbia (, founded in 1994, is the Internet’s oldest continuously operating planning-related Web site. Cyburbia has served the planning community for nearly 14 years with very little funding or financial remuneration. The Cyburbia Forums ( went online in 1996, and today remains a vibrant virtual third place for planners, students and others interested in the built environment ; 5,800 members, 400,000 posts, and still growing.

    You’ve got a blogroll to several planning-related sites, but Cyburbia seems to be missing. Just wanted to make you aware of the site’s existence. Thanks!

  2. No prob. Looks like a nice site, I’ll add it right now.

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