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UNLV Roundup


It has been quite a semester here at UNLV. In light of the Las Vegas Rodeo going on at the Thomas and Mack, here’s a visual roundup of how the campus has continued to evolve. The above photo is of the completed southern section of the new Moyer Student Union. The balloons were due to […]

About 20 students and local activists marched, chanted, and held signs to protest the planned domolition of Maude Frazier Hall last week. Audio: Mark Alden and President Ashley + some students at the protest

Luxor Hotel and Janet’s Las Vegas, originally uploaded by Bryan Correira. As opposed to like an Egyptian. Old news but still pretty interesting. The second and third levels of the Luxor have been pretty much abandoned anyways. The new theme will be generic luxury/modern contemporary/chic elegance/nouveau riche/avant garde. Neat. The Luxor’s New Threads [Las Vegas […]

Well at least their monorail seems to work and goes downtown. Of course their downtown only consists of the Wedding Chapel but hell.